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Ps Diego Durán

Clinical Psychologist. Degree in Psychology. Master in Psychotherapy. Bilingual Psychologist (ENG-ESP). 

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As a Clinical Psychologist, I am dedicated to helping people from all people from all over the world to understand themselves understand themselves better and achieve their goals. 

I offer a professional and committed psychotherapy service and committed, in individual and couple couple. 

I work regularly in Spanish and English. English.

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About me

I have been working as a Clinical Psychologist since 2008. 2008. I am Uruguayan by nationality and since 2016 I have been living in year 2016 I live permanently in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain). My background includes a degree in Psychology from the Catholic University of Uruguay, a Master in Jungian Analytic Psychotherapy (at the same university) and a the same university) and another Master in Group Analytic Psychotherapy at the University of Deusto (Bilbao). Deusto (Bilbao).

My practice is focused on individual and couple therapy. therapy, I address diverse areas such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, addictive relationships, communication addictive relationships, communication difficulties, sexual dysfunctions, eating disorders, complex post-traumatic stress disorder complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) and, more recently, the psychological more recently, the psychological implications of expatriation. of expatriation.

In an environment of trust, honesty and cooperation, it is my cooperation, my goal is for my patients to see their their current situation as an opportunity for growth. growth. As a clinical psychologist, I practice empathy through active listening, respect for time and active listening, respecting time and not judging. judging. Occasionally, I use a sense of humor to create a relaxed humor to create a relaxed atmosphere.

You can count on me to accompany you on your path of personal growth and emotional well-being.

Psychodiagnosis and Vocational Guidance

I have a good knowledge and handling of in-depth interviews, psychometric and personality tests and personality tests that allow me to carry out reports and clinical psychodiagnoses for any field. any field. 

Individual Psychotherapy

I propose specific treatment strategies for each case according to interests and possibilities. possibilities. 


I encourage self-knowledge and self-acceptance from a symbolic perspective that goes beyond symptom remission. remission of symptoms. I have specialized in transferential and dream transferential and dream analysis as a way to reach a deeper to reach a deeper understanding.

Psicoterapia de Pareja

As a couple's psychologist, I help to improve the well-being and and satisfaction in interpersonal relationships. relationships. I provide a safe space for emotional for emotional growth and the construction of and building stronger relationships.


Luciano (26) – Italy

I am going to list two things (they are not the only ones) that I two things (they are not the only ones) that stand out from my therapy with Diego. 1) The respect for my time, he never forced a conversation and if there were moments of silence moments of silence there was no tension or drama there was no tension or drama, everything at its time and its time. 2) The constant concern for me, at times that were not my not my consultation day, she sent me "homework" so that, if I "tasks" so that, if I wanted or felt like it, I could do them. to do them and then chat about it. about it. Even now that my therapy is over, every now and then I get messages I get a message from Diego to let me know if everything is going well and I appreciate that very much.

Verónica (29) – Portugal

I started psychotherapy for relationship and after a few sessions Diego helped me helped me realize the consequences of consequences of several abuses I suffered during my suffered during my childhood and how they how they affected my current relationship. The therapy helped me to understand myself more, set boundaries and feel more confident being myself. being myself. After almost a year of year working with Diego, I can now better better identify what is happening to me and more clearly what happens when I let my fears my fears. Diego has has helped me a lot in my path of recovery and recovery and acceptance.

Pedro (30) – Germany

Unlike other experiences I have had before, with experiences I had previously, with Diego you feel that the therapy belongs to him and it doesn't feel like a process 100% led by him. Without losing without losing his guidance, one travels the path without feeling impositions or obligations. And for me, when you have that level of participation participation, one feels freer and more and willing, making the most of every moment. to the fullest.

Gabriela (28) – Uruguay

I do therapy with Lic. Duran since 2008 after having after having some not very fruitful experiences. very fruitful experiences. From day one I felt I felt very comfortable with the way he the way she manages the spaces, the way she and the openness to different different themes that we have worked on. worked on. Regardless of the fact that I came to his office for "panic attack" issues "panic attack", which I was able to quickly solved, I have continued to this day in the year 2020 since it is a fundamental space in my life my life and I find it very useful. She has always been a very receptive and receptive and humane to any situation that has situation that has happened to me and has has always been present when I have needed needed his collaboration in difficult moments. difficult moments. A few years ago we have had online contact and I have not noticed any kind of negative changes. negative.

Santiago (38) – Germany

I had never started an online therapy online, like many, I wondered if it was wondered if it was possible. I have to I have to say that it helped me to work on certain issues that could not wait any longer due to time time and distance issues in a very useful and and distance in a very useful and practical way. Diego is very attentive and perceptive, he possesses a very a very fine-tuned "listening" skill. This made the the work was very easy and mobilizing for me. and mobilizing. I recommend him 100% thank you, Diego.

Sofía (47) – United States

Through my psychotherapy with Diego Durán Durán, I discovered the professional who does not labels the patient by his pathology, freeing him from limits. From the from the beginning, he bet on my individual my individual capacity. He placed before me the mirror that that allowed me to see myself; to feel myself. He showed me the option to remain within the archetype to which I archetype to which I belonged at the beginning of our bond or (within my my possibilities) to move away from it. I have a deep admiration for his professional professional ability and his sense of humanitarianism.

Jaime (36) – Belgium

Finding Diego was something bordering on miraculous. the miraculous. One night I went to sleep I went to sleep one night thinking I needed professional professional help; this time it would not be possible to face the problem alone. The next morning I had an invitation in my profile to LinkedIn, which I accepted immediately. immediately. At that time I was I was going through several problems (migrant + burnout burnout), but the most important one was sexual problems, mainly induced by a period of orthodox religiosity. a period of orthodox religiosity. Another another great "coincidence" -I don't believe in coincidences I don't believe in coincidences - is that at that time I was starting to date an amazing girl amazing girl and I didn't want to lose her because of my past problems. At at the beginning we talked every every week with Diego and there was a remarkable progress in a relatively short time. time. Although the issue is always latent, today I have the tools to be able to tools to be able to cope with it. to cope with it. And that amazing girl ended up being the mother of my son, and today I can say that we have a beautiful family.

Rafael (51) – Spain

I have known Diego for several years years, he has always given me a lot of me because of the professionalism and commitment he puts into his work. He has has been a fundamental support in the personal personal and family life. At particularly complex situations, he has been very attentive he has been very attentive, giving more than was expected and always helping to find the best the best way to deal with them. to deal with them.

Leticia (38) – Portugal

I feel very safe in therapy with Diego. Diego is very empathetic and open-minded open-minded, qualities that I consider qualities that I consider substantial to start a deep deep work. Diego listens very attentively and has confidence from the very first session. session. He was completely involved with my my needs and I am very happy with the progress the progress I have made since we especially learning to bring out my own voice. my own voice. 

Freddy (58) – Italy

Without pretending to give lessons of anything, I am a person who has had a long a long way with psychoanalysis and, logically logically with psychoanalysts; this allows me to speak about Diego's Diego's work and professionalism. In him I not only found an excellent professional, I also found a great human being great human being who goes beyond the classical classic and for me archaic orthodoxy of psychoanalysis. of psychoanalysis. The human factor and the the bond that is generated and created between analyst and between analyst and analysand is basic and fundamental fundamental to be able to do a "tailor-made" work. work "tailor-made". Without judging, without what and how I have to think or react, Diego Diego helped me to open up a panorama panorama unknown to me so far, in which I feel me, in which I feel fulfilled. I am a 58 years old, and I thought that making such a such a profound change in my life was already impossible, thanks to Diego the change is change is as concrete as my existence. existence. For my part, I would invite those who are in need of a professional professional to be able to move forward in life to Diego Durán, a first contact will make them contact will make them realize the quality and quality and warmth of him. I like to be grateful in life, and with all respect and respect and humbleness...THANK YOU VERY MUCH DIEGO!!!.

Fabricio (43) – Canadá

Throughout my life I have had numerous psychotherapy space with different professionals professionals, and my experience with Diego was different from all of them. Diego is very flexible in every way, and he never cut a session short time or simply for reaching a clock clock mark. His passion for what he does passion for what he does, as well as his knowledge knowledge of the subject. He was always available to me, even after hours, and sharing relevant material with me. relevant material with me. On a few I started a session feeling that it would be useless that it would be useless and ended up completely overwhelmed by the learning. learning. I recommend Diego for online therapy without hesitation. without hesitation.

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