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Bilingual Psychologist in English and Spanish.

Specialist in Couples Therapy.

Clinical Psychologist,

Master in Psychotherapy.

Online Bilingual Couples Therapy (ENG-ESP)

Transform your relationship and rediscover the strengths that brought you together.

Whether you prefer to communicate in English, Spanish or “Spanglish”, I am here to facilitate effective communication and promote deeper understanding between you and your partner.

As a bilingual psychologist specialized in couples therapy, I offer a supportive environment where you can openly address concerns and difficulties. By promoting direct and rational communication, my goal is to help both partners be understood and collaborate to strengthen your relationship.

I use assessments to track the progress of your relationship over time, identifying specific areas in need of attention and improvement.

I assist couples on issues that may be affecting your relationship, including communication breakdowns, conflicts related to cultural differences, and challenges with intimacy and trust.

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Over fifteen years of professional experience delivering high-quality couples psychotherapy.


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Diego Durán - Bilingual Psychologist (ESP-ING). Couple Therapy.

About me

As a clinical psychologist, I specialize in Couples Psychotherapy. Originally from Uruguay, I have been based in Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain) since 2016. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the Catholic University of Uruguay, followed by a Master’s degree in Jungian Analytic Psychotherapy at the same institution, and a second Master’s degree in Group Analytic Psychotherapy at the University of Deusto (Basque Country, Spain).

My role is to empower couples to navigate difficult topics, maintain connection rituals, and avoid falling into patterns of resentment and arguments. I view the couple’s relationship as a dynamic entity where collaboration is essential for mutual well-being.

Spanish is my native language, and I have an advanced level of English that allows me to work fluently with bilingual couples.

My commitment is to provide a supportive environment where couples can grow together, overcoming challenges efficiently and fostering mutual benefit.



In my practice, I prioritize achieving tangible results. For this reason, I conduct a screening assessment to measure your current situation as a couple and how it evolves over time. I also establish weekly goals aimed at gradually improving the relationship from the ground up.

In the first session (free of charge), we establish the aims of the therapy and I offer feedback on your current situation and prospects. My approach is designed to incrementally build trust, foster friendship, and enhance intimacy in your relationship.

I am truly convinced that the quality of life is determined by the quality of our relationships.


What does my Couples Psychotherapy service include?

My primary aim is to align the personal needs of each member with those of the couple and, in many cases, with their family dynamic. My approach includes:

1) Couples psychotherapy sessions.

2) If needed, separate sessions to assess the individual needs of each member (these sessions are included in the service at no additional cost). If one member is undergoing individual psychotherapy, I am willing to collaborate with their treating professional to ensure treatment congruence.

3) Administration of specific psychometric tests to evaluate the couple’s current situation, strengths, weaknesses, and evolution over time (included in the service at no additional cost).

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